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This project brought me back to the place where I first encounted performing myself at the Preparatory Program of the National Circus School of Montréal. 


Freely inspired by the Lewis Caroll tale, we created our wonderland to challenge bitterness, to allow ourself a space of grandeur and sillyness.

The aim was to make a show that would offer the students a rich and positive first performance and creation experience, where they could go to the end of their gluttony for extravagance, their enthusiasm and jovial curiosity. This flurry of goofyness reminds us that we are allowed to dream very large and choose the incredible. It just takes bits of cardboard, makeshift costumes, and friends. The project was snub to the absurdity of the world of the grown ups, their sobriety, their measure. 


Director: Claudel Doucet


Simon Barberi Parc, Sana Buchanan Hutchison, Janelle Casaubon, Lili Anabelle Carvalho Duplessis, Louna Chaput, Élyssia Chartier, Louis-Thomas Gauthier, Arielle Gorodestskaya, Fay Hébert, Salim Kharfishi, Juliette Lacoste, Louis Lacoste, Galia Léonard, Lola Marier, Raphaëlle Pelletier, Thomas Parent, Flavie Pichouron, Aya Raychev, Frederic Schittka, Miranda Soldevila, Julian Wierny


Montréal, , JUNE 2017