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Montréal, JUNE 2016


This site specific creation involved the first year students of the National Circus School of Montréal and was presented in the hobby of Tohu. 

It's an exploration of the idea of teams and individual, of softness and hardness, an ode to the idea of group, its strong and weak elements, its protectors, leaders and members.


Inspired by club dancing, team sports and seamanship, this work is about togetherness, listening and joining forces.


Director: Claudel Doucet


Ricardo Castaneyra, Félix Martin, Marilou Courtois, Ruben Ingwersen, Philippe Dupuis, Mizuki Shinagawa, Yoshi Endo, Kelby Jones, Rae Falling, Sorrell Nielsen, 

Jack McGarr, Jarrod Takle, Tristan Robquin, Lina Romero, Danielle Saulnier, Brin Schoellkopf, Georgia Simpson, Cooper Smith, Sabine Van Rensburg

Photo credit: Alex Royer