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Cape Town, DECEMBER 2017

Boréal was the result of a collaborative creation between circus artists from Canada and South Africa. This family oriented show was commissioned by the High Commission of Canada in Cape Town as a celebration of Canada's confederation 150th anniversary in South Africa.

This project was first and foremost about the meeting of the canadian acrobats and the artists from the Zip Zap Academy in Cape Town. This allowed us to reflect on nationalist and cultural narratives. The synopsis was built around the idea of the first Transcanadian train, with the expanded idea that it could travel both in time and space, visit various Canadian landscapes and historical eras. A focus was put on the themes of arrival and departure, weather and natural elements and on peaceful and non peaceful cultural meetings. The creation also rooted itself in traditional Canadian and South African dances, songs and musics. 

Director: Claudel Doucet


Jason Barnard, Saskia Van Rensburg, Sabine Van Rensburg, Isobel Rossouw, Jade Palmer, Gemma Nelson, Jacobus Claassen, Phelelani Ndakrokra, Mosuli Ntshonga, Siyanbonga  Swelindawo, Masixole Mbambatho Lizo James, Samuel Renault, Louis Joyal, Marilou Verschelden