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A collaboration between the National Circus School of Montréal and the Longueuil Symphonic orchestra, this project is aimed to youth audience.

Inspired by the dark and mysterious characters of Checkhov and the stories of the Grimm brothers, this piece will be accompanied by the orchestra. 


In a decadent gold-platered mansion, we meet a set of grotesque family members devored by their hunger for power and glory. Living cloistered in the world of dreams that they are trying to preserve, we observe them while they engage in their daily activities: bal, croquet ... but also a meal that involves eating their own sister and a crowning where the madone cracks. Perhaps will we discover that under their monstrous looks, these mysterious individuals ressemble us ...


Director: Claudel Doucet


Clara Prezzavento, Madame Hedda The Duchess - German Wheel

Halle Baart, Helena The Stuffed Sister - Acrobatic Candlestick

Miho Inaba, Nora The Maid

Sara McDonald, Hedvig the Favorite Daughter - Hand to Hand

Michael Patterson, Edvar The Fiance - Hand to Hand

Basile Philipe, Victor The Conscious Twin - Acrobatics

John Witte, Niels The Croquet Playing Twin - Juggling

Jarrod Tackle, Peder The Imposter Joker - Hand Balancing