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Le Poivre Rose



In 2012 was created la Cie du Poivre Rose, a contemporary circus collective based in Brussels. It's first show Le Poivre Rose toured over 7 countries for more than 70 shows. Invited to major festivals (Circa, Letni Letna, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, etc) , the first creation of the group was met with warm press reviews and audience appreciation. The collective is still active and presented in 2017 Mémoires its 2nd creation. 



Le Poivre Rose is a reflexion on the order and disorder of the gender.

In this acrobatic vernal fresco, roughness trips over coquetry and the codes of gender dislocate themselves like the bodies that wear them. Male and female figures are like lost shoes, scattered roles in this family story divulge trough a suite of absurd short stories. The 5 artists use the acrobatic gesture as a language to narrate this tale supported by the musique of the singer and violonist Iva Bittová. 

Directed by: Christian Lucas

With: Antoinette Chaudron,  Thomas Dechaufour, Claudel Doucet, Imogen Huzel (created with Valérie Doucet), Amaury Vanderborght

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