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Que nous soyons

Montréal, MARCH 2017


Que nous soyons was part of the POSSIBLES, a production of LA SERRE – arts vivants, which thrived throughout 2017 on the occasion of Montreal’s 375th anniversary. Citizen consultations identified 12 major themes related to sustainable development in the city. Once a month an artist interpreted one of the selected themes with the support of a creative partner. 


Supported by the 7 Fingers, I directed this interdisciplinary piece, mixing circus arts, dance and theatre, created with 17 teenagers enrolled in an immigrant integration class at Paul-Gérin-Lajoie d’Outremont high school as well as 2 acrobats. 

On a cold march evening, audience walked in the library of the PGLO high school where they sat around a bifrontal scenic space. We explored the idea of equality and diversity through the prism of opportunity and obstacles. In a form between documentary theater, performance art and contemporary acrobatics, the 19 performers offered their testimonial. 

The performance was followed by a video installation around the school. The videos projected depicted a serie of choreographic and acrobatic work performed around various locations of the city. 

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